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Don’t hold back on playing Tennis competition

Competition is a healthy way to teach your kids many life skills. There are team competitions and singles competitions. Both play a great role in developing important life skills and in fact they compliment each other.

Now we know team sports are very common and many people love to see their kids in these sports such as Soccer, Netball & Basketball. Please keep your kids in these sports if they are already playing them. Encourage them to stay or find a new team sport that suits well. Maybe you find the coach isn’t bringing out the team sport skills and the there are kids taking all the ‘glory’ while others are holding back. If so don’t give up the sport, but find a team where the coach teaches team work correctly.

Single sports though especially Tennis are under performing with the numbers participating. There are a few main reasons I find,

  1. Team sports are more popular than singles sports
  2. It’s seems to be either Team sports or Single Sports as the option and often Team sports win as people seem to think it trumps Singles Sports in terms of skills learnt
  3. Kids are too nervous to play and say they don’t want to play because of this. Parents need to encourage it more as it often just takes a bit of courage.
  4. Single Sports structures can be poor and not social enough for kids or take too much of the day

Skills learnt from Individual sports help with Job Applications, Getting into Uni and anything where you need to overcome disappointed by yourself mentally. Single Sports skills are most realistic to real life skills on a more common basis.

Skills such as self reliance, resilience, persistence, patience, discipline, focus and passion as learnt through Single Sport competitions. All these things can be learn in team sports but not as consistent or constant frequencies.

Now why should we encourage our kids to play Tennis? Tennis is a skilled based sport where the competition is direct competition with another player with each player directly affecting each other constantly.

It takes a lot of mental work to compete in Tennis. Not just the constant reinforcement of positive self talk but always working out how to apply your strengths to each opponents weaknesses. Each opposition is unique and it can take a whole new approach to have an affect. This teaches your kids how to overcome different challenges in life.

A lost puts the spotlight on yourself only. Now we all have difficult set backs in life and how we respond to them helps us pull out of the situation stronger or possibly can cause a domino effect of set back after set back. We need to make sure we encourage our kids to overcome loses stronger and take a learning experience from it rather than a failure. We need to make sure our kids know we our proud of them no matter the result to help them overcome loses.

Winning will help them gain confidence. It will give them the reward of their effort to get past each milestone. They knew they did the hard yards and prove to themselves that they can do it building their confidence not just in Tennis but in life in general. Confidence kids can build up the courage to take on their fears more readily.

Tennis is the healthiest sport in Terms of living a long life and being the most stable in physical development.  Tennis is the most stable as it cover more skills than any other sport and often overlaps skills in Many other sports giving your kids the best chance of healthy up bringing with lower chance of injury.

Tennis is rated at 47% to lower risk of dying than those who didn’t exercise. Note Swimming comes in at 2nd at 28% lower risk (

Hope to see more kids on the competitions courts soon. Get in there they’ll love it.








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